Friday, June 3, 2011

Question About Breathing In Hair Dye Fumes

Question:  I would like to know the effects of ammonia hair color vapors on hair colorists .

Answer:  Anything a person can smell is a chemical floating in the air. When a hair dresser breathes in the ammonia from hair coloring it can trigger irritation in the brain and in any area the person already has ammonia accumulating due to LD. The symptoms might include, but not be limited to severe muscular weakness, fatigue, heart palpitations, headaches, and brain fog/confusion.

Doctors often have a patient breathe ammonia to test the energy producing biochemical cycle of glycolysis (the conversion of glucose into ATP (energy), called the Kreb's Cycle...a problem would be indicated by sudden weakness in a previously strong muscle.

Over repeated exposure, a hair colorist would at the least experience irritation of the body and at the worst it could lead to severe problems where problems already exist.

What You Can Do:  NeuroAntitox specifically helps the body breakdown ammonia and eliminate inflammation caused by ammonia.

The amino acid, L-Ornithine can also help eliminate ammonia and is available in health food stores.

Detox baths always would help alleviate symptoms.  Click here for instructions on the detox bath.

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